The future of transport outside big cities

We turn local taxis, minibuses and coaches into shared shuttles to get people to work, healthcare, education and more.

About us

Half the country lives in towns and small cities. Tandem is the first company dedicated to building new transport options specifically for those places rather than big cities.

In partnership with existing local taxi, minibus and coach providers, Tandem creates new, affordable ways for people to get to work, to the shops, to school, to hospital and more.

Our platform turns those existing vehicles into shared shuttles, running when they’re needed, where they’re needed and with no costs when they’re not.

We can launch new services quickly, anywhere in the country. We do this in partnership with organisations like employers, employment agencies, local authorities and land developers.

  • Case study: Wellingborough & Thrapston

    Connecting Wellingborough to the industrial estates in Thrapston.

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What we do

Employment agencies

We specialise in partnering with employment agencies to help workers get to site. Whether you’re placing temps or perms, we offer the flexibility to increase or decrease passenger numbers daily and across the year.

Our Employment Agency Dashboard offers you full control over your services and incorporates a range of functionality designed to meet the needs of agencies of all sizes.

Services can be set up for workers to book their seats directly, or for agency staff to allocate seats on behalf of workers. Our platform automatically sends workers a notification of what time to arrive at local pickup points and makes it easy for workers to pay for their journeys (full fare or subsidised).

We can set up routes anywhere in the country in as little as 24-48 hours. Routes can be permanent or for a fixed-term. Our transport partners have vehicles ranging from taxis to minibuses to large coaches, so we can meet all requirements.


Tandem specialises in creating new ways for people to get to work. We partner with employers from SMEs to global corporates to enable staff to get to work quickly, safely and easily.

Employers do this to help attract and retain new staff. Research from the University of West England found that an extra 10 minutes of commuting time (each way) is equivalent to a 19% reduction in salary in terms of job satisfaction for a worker on a median income.

Shared transport can also have a dramatic impact on your sustainability objectives. The average commuter car has 1.16 people in it. With Tandem, this can be increased dramatically - reducing your staff’s reliance on their own vehicles and reducing pressure on car parking spaces.

Local authorities

Tandem is a unique form of demand-responsive transport. Unlike many other providers, we do not procure new vehicles. Our services incur zero costs when nobody is travelling. This approach also reduces the risk associated with trialling new demand-responsive solutions.

We partner with the best-rated existing, locally-licensed private hire and minibus firms. We help turn their vehicles into flexible, micro-shuttles to transport people to locations not well-served by traditional bus routes. We can increase the range of locations your bus network serves, the hours of operation and the efficiency of many routes.

We can act as an operator ourselves, or leave this responsibility to local providers supported by our technology platform and expert guidance.

Retail / leisure

Tandem creates new ways to increase footfall without expanding your car park.

In partnership with local taxi and minibus companies, Tandem can offer a service that combines the best of both taxis and buses. Customers with shopping prefer a door-to-door service, but for the price of a bus. We ask passengers to travel together so they can pay less whilst retaining a premium service.

Services are delivered in partnership with trusted local taxi and minibus providers - ensuring services are safe, affordable and green.

The services can also be white-labelled within your website or app - a dedicated transport service to your location, with your name on it.

Software for your own fleet

Tandem also offers its platform to help companies manage their existing transport operations.

Our system makes it easy to allocate passengers to vehicles, automatically send notifications of pickup locations/times and collect payments.

Our platform connects passengers and drivers, but also offers management or third parties access to key data and tracking information.

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Transform access to sites safely and sustainably.

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Low cost

Low cost for passengers when the service is being used. No costs for you when it's not.

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Launch Quickly

By partnering with local licensed transport providers, we can launch anywhere fast and often in as little as 24 hours.

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